Monday, February 06, 2006

Some call it Estia..we call it home

This project aims to reflect resident students’ opinion about changes that can be made in the Student Hall (Estia) in Patras in order to make it better-living.
The initial idea was to make a kind of Hybrid Estia, having as subjects of my project only the foreign students who are living there. But after that a new idea was developed so that anybody can write in their ideas about changes that can be made in Estia.

This project is a blog on internet which is gathering people’s comments, photos, and sketches. Illustrations are useful to reflect better somebody’s ideas, to show real-life scenes.

It is a dynamic project in time, because it’s changing with every comment somebody’s bringing to the blog.

This blog is opened to everybody. Anybody can make comments on posts, but only members can post in it. And since it’s a pretty long process to subscribe and become member, people usually choose to make direct comments. In case somebody wants to post photos or sketches, they send them to my e-mail, I post them and then they can make comments on their photos.

It’s obvious that this project is a very useful material for anybody. First it could be used as a starting point for a future project on remodelling the Student Hall. As well it can be interesting for the people who are living in Estia and for other people also, who don’t know anything about the student hall but they want more information, for example students that consider living there in the future. Since it is a blog on internet, everybody have access to it. For advertising it, I put announcements in Student Hall and also on internet on the Estia forum.

This project is in fact creating a relation between the public space of Estia, the private space and the people living there.
‘For a long time architecture fulfilled two essential roles within one mode by crafting buildings. The first role was to provide shelter, to protect. The second role was to organize people according to their social patterns. A human being must be seen both as a biological entity and as a social entity. As an organism people need shelter and hence: buildings. As a social being, people have adopted completely new forms of organizing behaviour. We must reconsider the act of getting people together, not necessary through buildings but through means that can also be completely non-constructivist. The task of the architect is re-thinking and re-presenting the urban environment, offering an analysis of the qualities, comforts, communication systems, and sensory dimension of urban life.’[1]
[1] Ole Bouman, Designing to socialize, from Archis, vol. 20


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